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Italian inventiveness

ENLABOR is an Italian Startup born in 2021 from the union of the synergies of the founders, who brought together innovative ideas and unique experience in this field. All of it has been possible thanks to the support and the union of intentions of leading companies in the electrification and automation sector, ELVI and XONOX.

Our philosophy

Areas of expertise

Our projects span several areas of interest, ranging from Electric Vehicles (terrestrial and marine) to healthcare, civil and industrial applications, from energy management systems to engineering consultancy.

Development strategy

We make products that are SAFE-BY-DESIGN and ASIL-D compatible, to cover the most important certifications' guidelines.


Our main products are lithium battery systems, inverters, battery chargers, wallbox and human-machine interfaces.


We offer our most specialized engineers for many kinds of consultancies: electronics, mechanics, CAD design, computer science and systems engineering.


We also sell standalone products such as solar panels, lithium batteries and inverters.

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